Hello my peeps, I’m back!  Wheew! missed you all. To keep it short, i went silent because there was a total black out in my head . Work too has been weighing on me.

I’m here now because the light is back, and am INSPIRED 🙂

Why am I inspired?

This inspired Me!


Miz Akwele

Imperfection is the new charm. The quest to be perfect, or to perfect ourselves ryhmes with watching a movie. No big deal!

The big deal now is how to accept yourself just the way your are, accepting your long legs ,long neck, big nose, V-shaped face, rock of ages-hair, almost flat buttocks as part of your awesomeness.

That thin line of imperfection makes you perfectly unique. Maybe you knew, so this is just a re-confirmation.;)

The next step

Only few people get to market their self-esteem.


Defying the status quo, leaping out of the box is what have made successful men and women today. I am pretty sure a woman like this will not step out unoticed.

Likewise you can feel her stare, the glare is one that will keep you in amazement!  For us Africans this hairdo is a grandmother recipe that helps grow hair.

Since everyone wants to be a city-zombie, it will really take some guts for a modern lady to rock this hairdo on a normal day. 😉

Maybe you wanna take up the challenge gurl 🙂

Miz Akwele – PhotoGee




There is nothing that is amazing as a liar that  can defend his lie so well that you believe every bit of his words. Thats belief! Having a high dose of belief in one’s self is just the key to your freedom.

Its the remedy to keeping your head high up, your shoulders squared and your blood running (lol).

All your excuses are DEAD! You just need to embrace your imperfection,just the way it is, trying to alter its nature is just like saying “God doesnt know why he made it that way”       ( am guilty as well).

Riozda Pictures


If you have been on this earth for a long time, you would know by now that the definition of beauty is not in the smile you see, but rather its in what you cant see the “soul”, which emanates through all the imperfections.

Piercing through the eyes , shouting throught the hair, walking through the skin. Its how they make you feel.




Well if its positive and trending why not support?



Thats a wrap for today!


Keep loving yourself just the way you are, throw out all the fakes, use your gifts to create a space for yourself and trust me , your uniqueness will speak for you!

🙂 🙂 Thank You for using your precious time to read me 🙂 🙂





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