Be Younique


This post is a re-cap on some lessons I learnt in blogging this year which i feel the need to share with all of you 🙂

Blogging has a bright future in Africa, where passionate young people would educate, inform and entertain the world about the realities of the African culture, the good and the bad, without the fear of reproving the ‘ugly’ in our societies.

Despite the few isolated cases, in some parts of Africa whereby the lives of some bloggers are bring threatened, lets  look at the brighter side of life.

If you still have the ‘freedom of speech’ in your country do well to impart positively.

So 2 things I learnt, that will make you successful in blogging is:

– Being Consistent

-Being Younique

When I looked at most people I know in my blogging community most of them have been rewarded because of this two aspects.


For me it is a steadfast adherence coupled with actions to a principle, a cause, a belief. This behavior leads to gaining a certain expertise in a domain. And in return your efforts are rewarded.

Your reward can come in diverse ways,

Awards- Your work would be appreciated in a symbolic way to encourage you to do more.

Person of resource–  You would become a person of reference in a certain domain that people will resort to for a final decision.

Financially–  You will get contracts or more to speak for brands or organization because of your  blogging experiences.

Lat Friday precisely on May 27,2016, i had the chance to curate  the Afrobloggers twitter account and it was an exciting experience!!!!



But am stressing more on the second point, which is being UNIQUE, I prefer ‘YOUNIQUE’




I feel obliged to share this with you, not because of pride or anything , but just because

 ‘When you see someone doing  a good job its better to encourage the person than to envy”

I cant remember how I stumbled upon her blog, but to cut things short, she wrote short stories in episodes that are so real that you could put yourself in the shoes of the characters.

Her sense of creativity, her way of describing every object, that you could literally picture them effortlessly without the help of a picture, made her stories unique.

I read The Help 1 and 2 , Call me Kwesi 1 and 2, Three is a crowd and currently on Know thy Man series (since it’s too short i read after 3 episodes are published) and they are still the best e-stories I have come across this year.

Flashback 2015………………..

Then somewhere on the 10th December 2015, we had a Facebook conversation, because i loved her short stories.

my conversation with Keni


Truly  on the 20th of May 2016, it did happen for her as she won  Best Blogger and Best Facebook Profile Award at the 2016 Ghana Blogging Awards.


We all have our stories to tell, this is Keni’s story.

I have my story, you have your story.

You might not end-up where you wish to be, but do what you love with all your heart and the sky is just your limit.

This is for  You and I!!!

If you believe you can do something ,do it well!!

And be Younique!!  




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