The African Print has come to stay

In the  1st part of this topic we spoke about the origins of the print WAX , which you can read here, as one of the prints that are not leaving the scenes any soon, even if it was a deploring fact that its  more consumed than produced in Africa.

Good news is 🙂

Hopes are not lost because this second print is proudly African and i love it 🙂

Call it  ΚËÑΤΕ

Kente is made by the Asante and Ewe’s of Ghana, which means ‘ woven cloth’.It used to be worn by Kings, but today its worn by everyone to church, weddings, festivals and important events.

This video shows how its done


Result!  Voila ….. 🙂


The same woven thread is used to make Batakari or fugu which is popular in the North of most African countries.



Also known as Aso oke in Nigeria  with a different design but mainly hand woven. It is Used to make mens Agbaada, wraps and Gele for women.



Our African heritage is of quality ,so why not promote it?

They are expensive…..

Well if you think so too, i would agree with you. That is why they are used for special occasions  and it goes back into the wardrobe.

Difficult to wash…

All because texture-wise its heavy, it can’t be washed every weekend, and because, and because….. we go on and on, don’t forget the blue jeans is also as thick,but we still wear it:)

What if we said

Display the richness of our culture……

Full of stories and meanings behind every African cloth, from the East to the West,North to South, Africa has a lot to give out to the world. They have been giving out to the world for decades now.

Invest in local made fabrics

Its amazing to notice that when you go to an arts and facts shop in Africa,the place is mostly visited by Europeans and outsiders who buy products that reflect the African culture, whilst we the natives prefer buying Europe-made products (i am not saying its bad). How then are we going to strengthen the economy?

Fortunately today is #AfricaDay2016 and the hope is that we have a paradigm shift that will propel us to support African Entrepreneurs in the textile industry. 🙂


Until then lets rock our Africaness 🙂




CREDIT: Pinterest | | Island Boi Photography

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