100 things that make me happy

I opened my mail and i get a new blogpost from Kenikodjos blog, but interestingly one of the ladies behind this exercise Nicole Baute has been my writing coach,a calm and receptive young lady.

so I decided to create my own list,the exercise is supposed to be done in 30 minutes,but unfortunately it took me 2 days! yup

Doing this exercise gave me

good feelings of gratitude and that “it is the little things that we overlook that really give us joy”.

So here is my list: 🙂

1-fruit juice


3-waakye (cooked rice and beans)


5-being of help to others

6-surprising people i care about

7-dancing with my choreography group

8-admiring elegant men

9- cute men but shy

10-seeing young women of today impacting nations

11-colors black,blue and purple combinations

12-black dresse mixed with african print

13-healthy natural hair

14-listening to worship songs



17-hugs and ‘i luv u’ whispers

18-my baby brother

20-bible verses that knock me on the head

21-chatting with my girls

22-smiling for no reason

23-when my boss is cracking jokes

24-kisses from the breeze


26-when i travel and my friends are like “when will you be back”

27-when a tall man stands by my side

28-fresh bread

29-eating cerelac



32-when i get a new follower on my blog

33-watching nigerian movies

34-sitting with children

35-carring a baby

36-DIY hairstyles

37-floral perfumes

38-men with cologne or perfume on




42-fast internet

43-when someone says ‘ i know you too well’

44-midnight quietness

45- books

46- quotes

47- festivals

48- window shopping


50- group selfies

51 -weekends at hotels with seaview

52- hotel lunch

53- beautiful flip flops

54- solitude

55- flower dresses

56- long skirts

57- meeting new people

58-a united group

59- making surprise birthday gifts

60- self taken photographs


61 -when friends and family are successful

62-when people recognize my hard work

63- cakes

64- kind people


67-when people are confused about my nationality

68-adventures to remote places

69-advising young ones

70-when the young ones greet me by “hi aunty grace”

71-Long hours phone calls

72-re-reading my diary

73-sound of a piano

74-bob Acri music

75-my skin color

76-the smell of my washed clothes

77-love songs

78-wedding ceremonies

79-graduation ceremonies


81-courteous men

82- people with a poetical humor

83-bathing with alata soap

84- group excursions

85-teasing my friends

86-cooking my favorite food

87-exchanging with people that have a goal and a vision

88-a full purse

89-pecks,pecks,and one more pecks


91-giving from my heart


93-fitting outfits

94-groundnut soup with tuna fish

95-eating with friends

96-sitting in an air-conditioned room

97-meeting my friends parents

98- disconnect from the world

99- connect with my inner-self

100- talking with God (because he is the reason behind my being)

wheeeeeeeeeeewww! 🙂

I hope this exercise helped you to know me more 🙂









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